The Story of us..


Creator: I'm Kara and I create and hand pour all the candles, melts and room diffusers you’re shopping today, operating from Tamworth NSW.

A bit about Wick & Wax Candle;

Our candles are created using purely natural Coconut and Soy wax with Australian made fragrant oils and quality cotton wicks which contain no lead or other harmful metals and creates a much cleaner candle burn. Currently available in 3 sizes, small, medium and XL. Housed in a beautiful glass jar and glass or natural lid with bamboo branding tag which looks amazing displayed among your home decor. All Wick & Wax Candles will arrive in a beautiful kraft brown box with floral labeling designed, photographed and edited by me, making for perfect gifting. 

Why choose Coconut Soy blend wax?

  • Soy wax is a solid form of hydrogenated Soy Bean oil, making it a natural and renewable product.  
  • Coconut wax is a form of hydrogenated Coconut oil, making it the most eco-friendly wax to use for candles.
  • Soy wax burns more slowly and even than other waxes, meaning you'll enjoy your candles longer. Even though you will pay a little more for a Coconut Soy blend wax, the slower burn time helps counteract the extra expense. 
  • Candles made from a Coconut Soy blend wax have a much cleaner burn than other waxes as they produce much less smoke.

Cotton Wicks

  • Wicks used in our candles contain NO lead or other harmful metals.
  • Trimming wicks before each use allows for a consistent burn time.


    • Our candles are made with 100% concentrated fragrant oils, giving a great scent. 
    • The fragrant oils used in Wick & Wax Candles are Australian made.

     COVID-19 has thrown some challenges this year leading to the decision to expand our range  and now offering personalised giftware! Our candle and diffuser range, Natural jute shopping totes and hand painted drinkware all have optional personalisation completely customisable to your wants.