Yarn Ball Candle Gold - Salted Caramel

Yarn Ball Candle Gold - Salted Caramel

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Love to crochet or knit? Then you need our yarn ball candle!

Each candle is locally hand-crafted from Tamworth NSW with a biodegradable and vegan friendly pillar blend Soy wax.

This fragrance is rich, juicy and meltingly smooth. An amazing pear fragrance, with top notes of orange and cinnamon, Middle notes of clove and green pear and Base notes of coconut and vanilla.

Our pillar candles are intended as home decor pieces. Please ensure candle is placed on a tray or dish to avoid wax smudging or spilling onto any furniture. Do not leave candle in direct sunlight and keep away from heat.

Burn Time - Approx. up to 1/2 hour - 3 hours. 

Dimensions - approx. 5cm x 4.5cm

If/when you do decide to burn your candle, ensure candle is placed onto a heat proof surface. Burn times are an approximation only as environmental factors (such as temperature) change with each individual candle. Candles can sometimes change to a beige-ish\caramel-ish colour if exposed to sunlight and due to the vanilla component found in most Wick & Wax Candles. Please allow for slight imperfections, this may include frosting (white coating), bubbles, colour or surface texture. This in no way will alter the fragrance or life of the candle. Our candles are handmade and at times may differ slightly in colour, scent and appearance.


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